Mythulu Cards Pack B - The Periodic Table of Storytelling

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The "periodic table of storytelling", endorsed by A-list bestsellers as their favorite tool, is ready to double in size.

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20 hours left! 🐙 + App 2.0 Preview
5 months ago – Wed, Feb 16, 2022 at 08:29:49 PM

We raised several thousand dollars in Colorado! I also acquired a wicked cold and my brain's all a'fog, so forgive any spelling errors in this update. 😂 I swear they're not contagious. 

20 hours left!

If you need a DEVELOPMENTAL EDIT for your manuscript, you have 20 hours left to snag an epic deal! 

Our "Save-A-Story" reward is good for any manuscript up to 300K words (or two scripts if they're collectively under 300K). One lucky writer has already pledged, and we'd love to help a few more. 


Meanwhile, enjoy some videos of the mobile app upgrade we've been slaving over.  Kickstarter doesn't let us resize video, so, uh... 🙄 Hopefully these display appropriately on your screen. 🦚

The new app will contain guided drawings, so your phone experience is more like a live drawing consultation. We have animations, drag-and-drop, a smoother user interface, and dozens of new layouts!


Laura & the entire Mythulu Team

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Limitless Heroics 

Limitless Heroics is the most comprehensive disability compendium ever created for a Tabletop Role-Playing Game. Designed for 5th Edition, it provides assistance to include disabled, neurodiverse, and mentally ill PCs and NPCs in your game world with everything you need to do so in a way that's respectful and accurately portrays the vast variety and degrees of people's real-world experiences. 

All writers, editors, and artists hired for this book are disabled, neurodivergent, and/or have a mental or chronic illness. Real people were consulted for accuracy before writing. Before finalizing, they're checking traits with their 2,287 Kickstarter backers to be as accurate as possible. 

If you missed the campaign, you can still get the discounted pre-order price by reserving a copy today!

YOU DID IT! 🥳 106% Funded + Stretch Goal Adjustments
5 months ago – Wed, Feb 09, 2022 at 03:32:04 PM

We're Funded!

With 8 days to spare, we're totally funded! The initial goal covers our printing expenses and allows us to replenish inventory. Everything from here on is fuel for our company's dreams. 

Right now we're in Colorado Springs, rubbing shoulders with great writers at the Superstars Writing Seminar. This is the convention where we got our big break in 2019 and connected with several endorsers, including Jim Butcher. 

We might be a little quiet over the next 4 days, but it's because we're hard at work raising funds, doing drawings in person, and making business connections. 😎

Stretch Goal Updates:

Now that we have clearer projections, we're updating our stretch goals. We have some great content primed that we're looking forward to releasing, so we're moving the thresholds down on our stretch goals. New stretch goals are: 

500 backers = Large ultra-durable Laptop stickers

20K - New expansion pack for app (FLAVORS - 50 cards)

22K - BLANK cards included - 1 per category (6 per pack)

25K - New expansion packs for app (LOVE - 25 cards & FEAR - 25 cards)

27K - Custom d6 for randomly selecting a Mythulu deck

30K - New expansion pack for app (ENERGY FLOWS - 50 cards)

... and we're really quite serious that we'll reward photos of your pets with our cards. 

25 Pictures of Pets with Mythulu Cards = New expansion pack for app (SLICE OF LIFE - 25 cards)

(Progress = 2 / 25)

Thanks IG @ieatpigs for the awesome photo!


Laura & the entire Mythulu Team

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CHIMERA - and Illustrated Bestiary

Since we know you like original monsters, we figured this eye-catching collection of clever, gritty, urban monstrosities might be up your alley.  

Award-winning multimedia artist Gianluca Bonomo is collaborating with three other imaginative European artists to make this project possible. For such a gorgeous art book, the prices are humble and the rewards generous.  Check it out!

Note from the Creator: 

Chimera is a 60-page illustrated hardback bestiary showcasing a leap forward in organic technology. An introduction to the function and backstory of sophisticated fusions of beast and machine created by an AI called Satyr who is also the narrator of the book. 

Sneak Peek of Aspiring Storyteller ebook + Bundle eBook Add-On
5 months ago – Thu, Feb 03, 2022 at 10:22:25 PM

Read a Sneak Peek of "Sweeter than Silence"

Chapter 1: VOID

Improving upon the Silence

(The following text is the first 2 pages from "Sweeter Than Silence: 9 Fundamentals of the Creator-Audience Relationship". This ebook belongs to the Aspiring Storyteller reward tier. Thanksto backer Patrica Scott's request, it is now also available as an add-on.)


          Buddhism teaches that the most valuable part of a cup is the empty space. The most valuable part of a doorway is the hole. The hole in a pin makes it a needle and gives it new purpose.

          All life requires empty space. Without space, life cannot exist.

          Nothingness is beautiful, like all other life-sustaining elements—water, light, soil, air. We drink, we sunbathe and eat. But even more often than we breathe, we enjoy the privilege of borrowing Void---just by sitting there. As humanity increasingly dominates Earth, empty untamed spaces will exponentially increase in value.

 The first standard judging whether your art is worthy of existing is whether it substantially improves upon the nothingness that was there before. Your art takes up space. It consumes nothingness and therefore consumes life, just as surely as hunters or rainforest raiders. Art also changes the feel of the nothingness all around it. Your art costs something, just by existing.

          It costs space. And it costs attention.


          Silence of the mind is a type of Void. Silence of the mind is a rarity these days. Your art demands attention, but is it a substantial improvement upon the peace of mind your viewer had before you interrupted?

          Billboards are arguably the worst art in the world. They violate both space and attention.

          I used to work as a wilderness trail guide for at-risk youth. I took angsty, rebellious teens into the Arizona deserts, taught them primitive survival skills, and hiked with them through barren landscapes. This was my job and identity for two years.

          My rotation worked 8 days on, then came back to civilization for 6 days off. One week coming off the trail, I remember driving down the highway and feeling assaulted by the non-stop signs and billboards plastered everywhere. I realized that for 8 days, I hadn't read anything. Driving down the road, I read everything so fast that even when trying to ignore it and look away, I could hear a voice narrating everything in my mind. I felt assaulted by the ads prying their way into my unconsenting mind.

          In the wilderness, half our hiking time was silent. During night watch each night, I sat alone by the popping fire among forests of shadowy cacti. Before this job, I was uncomfortable with silence, and fed my mind nonstop stimulation in the form of fantasy books, the internet, messaging friends, scrolling mindlessly through social media feeds, binging shows I didn't even like.

          In the desert, two-thirds of my time was spent in total silence. Not just sound silence, but mind-silence. The billboards—crappy graphic design, crappy mottos, crappy logos, all promoting crappy products—they grated on me. Billboards stole my mind-silence even when I tried to ignore them. That's what your art does, too. It sits on a shelf, self-important, expecting a fraction of attention every time someone passes by. And it gets it, too.

          Is your art worth the silence it stole?

          One night as I sat with my youth by the fire, cooking dinner, one of the therapists visited us and wanted to hang out. She brought a guitar.

          Her voice wasn't extraordinary but it was clear. Her guitar was cheap but properly tuned. And the funny thing is, although I've heard better music, few songs ever hit me as hard as hers, when she interrupted our desert silence with her humble yet worthy gift. Metal strings resonated clear, echoed far, and hit a primal part of my mind. For a moment, I understood the power wandering bards had from the time of Homer up until the invention of the phonograph.

          Void—both physical space and silence—amplifies the value of art. And the more Void we allow, the more we are elevated by its opposite.

Thanks for reading this sample!

Want to add the Sweeter Than Silence eBook to your pledge? Visit our project page and click "Manage Your Pledge".  From here, you can adjust your pledge amount, switch reward tiers, and select add-ons. 

Double-sided sublimated silk lanyard in our mini-merch pack (included with every physical reward tier)

You might have noticed, but... we're suckers for rainbows. 😂 


Laura & the entire Mythulu Team 

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Make 100: Detailed Dragon Paintings

Anthony Christou, Creator of the Luminous Ages comic, usually does digital art, but he's currently offering a limited run of custom-commission paintings in water, ink, and acrylic. 

His campaign offers contains FANCY dice, autographed jigsaws, graphic novels, and a 5e RPG guide.  It's a  fantasy collector's candy store in there. Do yourself a favor and scroll all the way through his page.

Dragon Cards by Anthony Cristou
Watercolor Commission Examples by Anthony Christou 

Note from the Creator:

Welcome to Make 100 Detailed Dragons! In this ultra-limited edition Kickstarter, I will be making 100 different artworks of ink, watercolour, and acrylic dragons. I am making this Kickstarter as there are two things I love painting: Dragons and fantasy/surreal landscapes. This Kickstarter is focused on dragons with a touch of surreal dragons and landscapes. What is special about this Kickstarter is you get to design your own dragon, Build-a-Bear style.

You can design your own dragon with all my options. Select the colour, style, and age of the dragon and I'll create a unique dragon just for you.

75% Funded + New Tutorial Posted!
5 months ago – Wed, Feb 02, 2022 at 12:12:37 AM

In the past two days, we've recorded 16 tutorials.

No small feat for our small team! Remember the diverse uses for Mythulu Cards we promised in our video? Math, Music, Binary, Ink, Painting, Gaming, Design, Brewing, Pottery, Baking, Hiking, Meditation...

These are the tutorials we just recorded! 

Since backer Kevin Peter made the first tutorial request, we edited this card tutorial first: 

We also just released a FULL-LENGTH short story consultation with author L. A. Selby. It's 42 minutes long (with titled chapters for easy navigation) and shows how Mythulu cards add depth and detail to a real project. 

The rest of the tutorials are in the editing queue. We'll release them steadily throughout this campaign, with all of them launched by its conclusion. 

Want a tutorial for something specific? Make a request. We'll make it happen. 

Tomorrow, in addition to uploading a non-fiction demo, we'll post pictures of the gorgeous rainbow sublimated silk lanyard reward in the mini-merch pack. 

Thank you again for your fantastic support! 


Laura & the whole Mythulu team

Mythulu's Kickstarter has a video! 😎🎬
5 months ago – Sat, Jan 29, 2022 at 03:33:03 PM


Incredible start! Less than 48 hours into our project, we're 48% funded. Halfway there! We've added a video, so our project is now easier to share. 

We have several requests for tutorial videos, so that's our next priority. 

Better tutorials have been in production for months. We've recorded both non-fiction and fiction uses for our cards, for a diversity of artistic mediums. We're in the "editing and upload" stage, about to launch dozens of fresh videos. WE'LL POST SOMETHING UNDER 3 MINUTES in the next 2 DAYS, with more to follow. Look for more comprehensive examples around day 7.

If you have a specific tutorial request, shoot us a message and we'll be very happy to prioritize that tutorial for you!


Laura & the whole Mythulu team